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03000 41 3000

Telephone Helpline open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm


IASK also provide information and advice to practitioners who are supporting children, young people and their parents.

We are an empowering service and encourage self-advocacy, this means we do not usually take referrals. Please signpost parents, children and young people to our service. If you feel that might be difficult for the person you are working with, you can contact us so that we can arrange to speak to the them when you are present. If this is not possible you can, with the person’s permission, ask us to contact them direct.


We have a range of leaflets that you can download to share with families you are working with:

Leaflets and Easy Read Documents

SEND Information Hub (Kent County Council's Local Offer)

You can signpost families to the SEND Information Hub which provides information about services that are available to children, young people and their parents.

SEND Information Hub

We offer free workshops for parents and practitioners.

  • Legislation i.e. SEN Support in mainstream schools and colleges
  • Parents Participating Confidently
  • Getting the best out of meetings

We can arrange a workshop if you have a venue and at least eight people interested in attending.

We frequently arrange workshops, so please look at our news feed on this website, Facebook, or you can go on our mailing list to receive information.

To discuss our workshops, please contact us on 03000 412 412 or send us an email