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Books Beyond Words

Kent Libraries recommend the *Books Beyond Words* series. Check out their catalogue and their ebooks online. They also host 6 virtual *Books Beyond Words* groups through the week.

Beyond Words books is a publisher that produces books with adult themes and experience but uses pictures. There are no words in the books, the story is told by using image literacy, so learning to read body language and situations.

Kent Libraries have physical copies of the books in most of their bigger libraries and a list can be found on their public catalogue. They also have a range of Beyond Words books as eBooks.

Beyond Words have also been developing a lot of free downloadable stories about Covid experiences. The aim is to support discussion around the different experiences of Covid, encouraging people with learning disabilities, their families, friends and carers to share their worries & anxieties, improving understanding for all. There are also a couple of books, which looks at children’s experiences of returning to school after lockdowns. Click on these links for a list of the current free titles about Covid (including vaccines) & other health titles: