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KCC parent/carer Focus Groups

Would you like to help us change the way KCC work with parents and carers for the better?

Would you like to make sure that all parents and carers are not only fully involved in their own child’s journey but also in shaping and designing the services children and young people with SEND access across Kent?

KCC recognise that for things to change, as a local area, they need to prove they are committed to making this happen.  Therefore, they have asked a team from Rotherham to work with them to achieve this change.  The team is made up of parents/carers and people who work with families on a daily basis.  The team is completely independent from the local authority and from the health services in Kent.  The first part of the team’s work with KCC will be a number of focus groups for parents and carers where you will have the chance to talk to the team from Rotherham about your lived experiences as a parent of a child/young person with SEND in Kent and how you think they can work together to make this better.  The team from Rotherham aim to help both parents and professionals develop a shared understanding of what real co-production means and to understand how we can all work together better to create services which work for all children and young people who have SEND.  KCC have agreed that nobody from either the local authority or health services will attend these meetings to ensure that it is your voice which is heard and not theirs. 

The groups will take place on the Tuesday the 28th of January at the following venues:-


Tuesday 28th January  - 9.30-11.30 - Rainbow Centre (Ashford MASH)


Tuesday 28th January  – 12.30- 2.30 - Orchard Centre (Swale MASH)


Tuesday 28th January  – 9.30-11.30 - Lenham Community Centre – Appleton


Tuesday 28th January  – 12.30-2.30 – Meadowfields (Midas Conference Centre) 

There are only 12 places available at each group.   If you are interested in attending, then please sign up for the venue which is most convenient by contacting Tracey Wimbol at

If you can’t come along to one of these groups there will be another chance for you to take part in an event on the 27th of February.   If you would be interested in attending the event in February please let Tracey know and they will send further details to you nearer the time.